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Welcome to Man Cave Metal, our home for showcasing custom decor made from automotive parts, items from local artists, and your basic Man Cave Essentials. Whether you like the custom automotive decor we have to offer, or you have an idea for a specialized custom piece of your own.Here in our shop, we have options to bring your vision to reality! Contact Us today.

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Custom Gear Head Pub Table

 This creation was made by Dylan, the owners nephew, and he did an amazing job. He base of table is made from an aluminum wheel, the post from a cam shaft, and table top was made from several flywheels and a timing chain. Table has a glass top on it. Both stools bases...

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Custom Dump Truck Card Holder

This custom Dump Truck is heavy duty. Great for your business cards! A conversation piece for sure.  Here is what it took to make this awesome card holder: angle iron, square tubing, channel iron, race bearing, transmission planetary gears, scrap metal...

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Custom Jeep Rim Table

Check out this NEW custom table. The table top base is made from a black Jeep rim and the base is made from a Jeep flywheel. The thick post for this table is made from a vehicle driveshaft. To showcase the detail of the rim, the table top is...

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American Flag Conceal Weapons Box

Beautiful Handcrafted American Flag Conceal Weapons Box is back in stock. Made from a local wood smith. This concealment box is designed to hold a Automatic Rifle, hand guns, and ammunition. It is made with foam that can be customized for your personal weapons. Each...

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Custom Toolbox Sink

Check out this Custom Toolbox Sink. This creation is made by the owner Dave. He has made it with a unique twist. Take a look at those wrench handles on the faucet. Also, the counter top is made with a red oak wood. All the drawers are locked except for the bottom for...

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